This summer we appointed a sustainability manager to lead delivery of effective climate action, environmental policies & practices and to reduce the negative impact of our business on the natural environment, to build in resilience to climate change impacts, and to improve the energy performance of our buildings. As the effects of anthropogenic climate change […]

Global diversity awareness month

For over 20 years, Bridgestock Care has been caring for people from all over the world. The rich diversity of cultures we experience extends beyond those in our care. This October (2022) we celebrated Global Diversity Awareness month, raising awareness of the diverse and multicultural organisation we have become. The culture and work environment at […]

Customer satisfaction survey 2022

Every year we reach out to our customers for feedback on the services we provide. Our annual customer satisfaction survey took place in September giving residents the opportunity of anonymous feedback on their customer experience. Receiving information from the residents perspective provides us with invaluable insights and is an important aspect of monitoring service quality […]